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Forum rules
« on: December 06, 2012, 12:11:07 AM »
Forum rules

1. No intentional personal attacks.

2. No profanity, pornography or spam.

3. Only one account per person.

4. Respect designated topic areas (categories and threads).

5. We ask members to please use basic grammar and punctuation.

6. The forum should not be regarded as a general social media site - excessive off-topic posts are not allowed.

7. Topics concerning politics and religion are discouraged.

A breach of rules 1-3 will result in an immediate ban. Breach of rules 4-7 will result in a warning or a ban depending on the particulars.

If you read a post that you feel breaks one of the above rules, please PM one of the moderators. Moderators reserve the right to move, edit, or delete posts deemed inappropriate following a breach of forum rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.