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Kaiyodo - other series / Humpback Whale - Kaiyodo - Sofubi Toy Box 013
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:07:46 AM »
The Sofubi Toy Box Humpback Whale by Kaiyodo


im wanting to buy some whales from Safariltd,Papo,Mojo,and CollectA.
I've bought lots of papo dinosaurs from, but they only have one or two of the whales that i want. pictures of the whales im looking for if it helps.

i found safari's site, so i can get those whales from there, but im having trouble finding the mojo and collecta whales that i want. i've looked on ebay too, but most of the sellers don't have good feedback. i also looked on amazon and i found most of them there but usually from different sellers and some seem overpriced.

i see the mojo whales on those greatergood charity sites, but i don't know if those sites are trustworthy.

so does anyone know of any good sites to buy from? maybe a site that carries all the brands? 

my other question is where to get stands for them? i've seen some pictures of some of these whales on little clear plastic stands but i have no idea where to get those.

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