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Other/Miscellaneous / Mesotopus tarandus (SEGA Mushi King DX series)
« on: November 19, 2017, 05:13:43 PM »
Walk-around Mesotupus tarandus by Sega (Mushi King DX series) which was released in Japan around 2006.

The Sega Mushi King DX series include: Dynastes hercules (yellow (red eyed and revised black eyed version)/grey/dark brown type), Dynastes neptunus, Chalcosoma caucasus (red eyed no revised version), Megasoma gyas, Megasoma acteon, Megasoma mars, Hexarthrius mandibularis (red eyed and revised black eyed version), Dorcus palawanicus, Dorcus alcides, Allomyrina dichotoma (only one with wings in this series. the later revised DX version had no wings!),Procopocoilus giraffa (red eyed and revised black eyed version) and Mesotopus tarandus.

So here is Mesotopus tarandus, the figurine is almost 9,5 cm in lenght (measuring tip mandibles to tip abdomen not measuring the legs).

Walk-around Chalcosoma atlas by Sega (Mushi King DX series) which was released in Japan around 2006.

The Sega Mushi King DX series include: Dynastes hercules (yellow (red eyed and revised black eyed version)/grey/dark brown type), Dynastes neptunus, Chalcosoma caucasus (red eyed no revised version), Megasoma gyas, Megasoma acteon, Megasoma mars, Hexarthrius mandibularis (red eyed and revised black eyed version), Dorcus palawanicus, Dorcus alcides, Allomyrina dichotoma (only one with wings in this series. the later revised DX version had no wings!),Procopocoilus giraffa (red eyed and revised black eyed version) and Mesotopus tarandus.

So here is Chalcosoma caucasus, the figurine is about 11 cm in lenght (not measuring the legs).

 I have painted the eyes more realistic, below the original.

New for 2018 / Ikimon new for 2018
« on: October 18, 2017, 08:52:40 AM »
Februari 2018 release. From the Ikimon Twitterfeed.

Cheirotonus jambar is endemic to the northern part of Okinawa Island in the Ryukyu Islands (Nansei-shoto), Japan. Cheirotonus jambar lives as one small population on Okinawa Island in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Although protected it faces many threads, the main being ongoing deforestation. More information (with a quite depressing outlook for the beetle) on

This is the model made by Colorata for their 2017 'Nature's library, Janbaru Creatures' release. It makes a nice addition on its base.

Next to the two Kaiyodo ones. The detail in the Kaiyodo ones is far superior to the rougher molding and little messy painting of the colorata beetle.

General / Photobucket
« on: June 28, 2017, 04:06:53 PM »
I have just deleted my Photobucket account, having enough of all the agressive commercial feeding and that they blocked my free account by highjacking my pic's to force me to pay.

Been using PostImage for awhile that's suits just fine!

I will restore most of the relevant images in time or replace them by better ones. This may take some time though. If there is any specific image you want to see, please let me know by a PM.

- Beetle guy -

And here is the Dynastes neptunus (re)paint. Like some of the other beetles in this set it was plain black and a nice orange brown for the abdomen. No paint.
The body mold is from 2011 (used for all Takara Dynastes hercules models from then on). The front piece is new.

The plain original figurine.

the painting result.

So here is my repaint, (paint actually, because the model has no paint at all) of the Takara Dynastes hercules (subspecies ecuatorianus, I think).

The model is scale 1:1. It is a great model. The head fits far tighter in the thorax part which make it more realistic than the ones from last years. The thorax part and head are new, nicely detailed sculpting.
Legs, thorax and head are moveable.

The original, almost plain black model.

added a very thin metalic red sheen.

Then (using acryllic model paint) adding some details.

Leaving it to dry and harden before varnishing.

The result:

Other/Miscellaneous / Dynastes hercules lichyi (SegaDX)
« on: November 14, 2016, 09:58:29 AM »
These are the four versions of the Dynastes hercules in the DX series made by Sega/Bandai. The lenght is 13cm (tip protonal horn to tip abdomen) so they are scale 1:1. Highly detailed and painted really good! The one with the yellow elytra was redone. They got rid of the red eyes and made the elytra a deeper yellow also most of the black parts are less glossy varnished.

The legs (mainly tarsus/foot) of all four are a bit bulky, but it doesn't spoil the fun;-). These were ment more or less as action figurines so they had to be sturdy I suppose. They all have the same mold. This is a bit of a pitty. By just a chance in the mold of the jointed head's cephalic horn, they would have made multiple species. The legs, head and thorax are moveable.

By the looks of the cephalic horn this must be the Dynastes hercules lichyi (Lachaume, 1985).
It occurs in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.
The size of Males varies from 55-175mm (source: A.Wiegelt)
females sizes varie from 50 -80mm  (source: A.Wiegelt)

Other/Miscellaneous / Flying beetles (Epoch)
« on: November 12, 2016, 04:11:11 PM »
Here is the serie of Epoch flying beetles.  The set contains 8 beetles: 
1. Allomyrina dichotoma
2. Dynastes granti
3. Eupatorus gracilicornis
4. Chalcosoma caucasus
5. Prosopocoilus giraffa
6. Hexarthrius parryi
7. Lucanus maculifemoratus
8. Scarabaeus typhon.

The Scarabaeus typhon 8 came as a "secret" figurine. The beetles are hold in the air by a plastic rod that is attached to a jungle like base. The Scarabeus typhon is a loose figurine on a stand depicting  sand with a ball of dung.

Epoch made different versions of this set, mainly finishing differs but the later versions (boxed) seem to be made with "worn out" molds. Luckily the D. granti 2 in the set I've got has the right thorax. In the later versions the D. granti has weird black starlike dots on the thorax, which is not common for the species. Also this D. granti has the yellowish grey/white colouring instead of the later versions plain white.
The first version Epoch made as capsule toys (in the photo's) have great paintjobs and nice detail. The second versions were sold in a box and contained the same figurines but less attractive paint (chalcosoma plain black for instance). And not so clear molds. I do not know if the Scarabeus typhon is included, think so, but not sure.

Other/Miscellaneous / Prosopocoilus giraffa (Sega/Bandai)
« on: November 09, 2016, 03:35:11 PM »
Another beetle of the Mushi King DX series; the Prosopocoilus giraffa (keisukei I would say by it's mandibles) made by Sega/Bandai in 2006. This is the revised version. The first one had red eyes and a much more glossy finish. On this version the detail is superb. The legs are a bit bulky but fine nontheles. The mandibles, thorax and legs are moveable. The model is scale 1:1, size: about 12 cm. Tip abdomen to tip mandibles.

There are a lot of P. giraffa figurines made in Japan. Sega alone made at least ten of them. But this one really stands out!

Other/Miscellaneous / Megasoma mars (Sega DX)
« on: November 09, 2016, 11:03:42 AM »
Well, another beetle of the Mushi King DX series; the Megasoma mars (Reiche, 1852) made by Sega/Bandai in 2006.
It is highly detailed like all figurines in the DX series. Probably the best 15 beetle models Sega/Bandai made within their huge beetle output.
The legs are a bit bulky but fine nontheles. The head, thorax andlegs are moveable. The model is scale 1:1 with it's 10.5 cm. Tip abdomen to tip Cephalic horn.

It is quite difficult to find these DX models in auctions. I was lucky, to my suprise, to have almost the whole series included in a (more than 1000 beetle models) lot on Yahoo auctions.
I will post more walkarounds of the DXseries soon!

Other/Miscellaneous / Allomyrina dichotoma (Sega)
« on: November 07, 2016, 11:10:47 PM »
This beetle figurine is part of the Japanese Sega Mushi King DX series 1 (made in 2006). Sold as a high quality figurine it surely delivers.
With it's lenght of 8cm the scale is 1:1 (for a large male). It is very detailed and painted really good. It is the only model in the Mushi King DX series with moveable elytra and wings!
Personally I think one of the best beetle figurines made. I have been looking for one (complete with wings) for years. With the wings still there it is extremely hard to find.
Do not confuse this model with the other big, rubbery winged Sega beetles. The DX series are of much better quality; in detail, material and finishing! The wings on this figurine are detachable and the elytra, head, thorax and legs moveable. The elytra stays tight on the model when opened (this is almost never the case with for instance Tomy Takara big beetles).

Collections / Overview Kaiyodo beetle collection Beetleguy
« on: October 10, 2016, 09:36:20 PM »
So, here are all the Kaiyodo beetles (and larvae and pupae) that were out till now. Except one aniversary Allomyrina dichotoma. Which I did not collect. because it was a really bad copy of the firts Kaiyodo one but really roughly produced and plain black. So I skipped that one. May come in a lot one day ;-).

So here they are!

Some close-ups.

And some more.

The Luciola cruciata is a beautiful piece, so is the Cheirotonus jambar, especially the one from the natural monuments series. The Lucanus maculifemoratus of the Animal Tales set is more or less copied by the 2013 Stag beetle set one. The 2013 version is less acurate in mold and paint, but has moveable mandibles. The Dorcus larvae are also a bit different. I bought them from Japan the first was much more sturdy and had a more acurate paintjob. The second has a more rubber feel. This one came with the 2nd Capsule Q caterpilar set.

I always thought there were just three pupae of the dorcus, but there apear to be four. Although two of them have the number 04c they are different and have different booklets (see pic). The colour of the first fase ones differs also quit a bit (I have three which are al cleary different from very light to deeper transparant yellow).

The Cissites cephalotas is one of my favorites. It is detailed under the elytra in the form of wings!!! I had two figurines so I cut the elytra of one open to reveal a bit of the soft wings.

Kaiyodo also made transparant figures combined in a can as special. This is the Damaster blaptoides from that series.

Other/Miscellaneous / Kabaya insect series plus secret
« on: August 28, 2016, 07:45:34 PM »
Been awhile!
I have been collecting lots of nice figurines over the last few months and will post more walkarounds (with good photo's) soon.

But got this Kabaya insect series compleet last week. Mostly I collect beetle models only, but this came compleet with doubles in a lot.  From left to right: Allomyrina dichotoma, Dynastes hercules, Megasoma elaphas, Golofa porteri, Dorcus curividens binodolosus, Cyclomatus elaphus, Kallima inachus, Macrodontia cervicornis, Coccinella septempunctata, Luehdorfia japonica, Graptosaltria nigrofuscata, Phillium pulchrifolium, Hymenopus coronatus, The 'flying' Dynastes hercules is the secret figurine and Sympetrum pedemontanum elatum.

I especially like the dorcus. Which is the only beetle figurine I know that is in resting posture. The snowcap were it is under can be removed. All figures in this series can be removed from their groundplates (trunks, leeves etc.).

None of the models are scale 1:1. Most of them, certainly the beetles, are much smaller. The details on the beetles are better than on the other insects, I think.
Here is the Macrodontia cervicornis from another post again.

and some others.

Other/Miscellaneous / Dorcus beetles (T-Arts, Tommy Arts)
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:54:32 PM »
Yesterday two beetles of the new line of T-Arts came with the post. Dorcus hopei binodolosus and Dorcus palawanicus. Really nice models, the latter from a new mold.

The line-up for 2016 is: Chalcosoma Atlas, allomyrina dichotoma, Dynastes hercules, Dorcus binodolosus. and Dorcus palawanicus (new mold 2016. Alle others same mold from 2011 on) All five beetles in the 2016 line-up are, with exception of the elytra of Dynastes hercules not painted. A pitty! But these are low cost, mass produced items so I quess they want to keep production costs low as possible. All models except D.hercules and C. atlas or off scale. Their bigger than the real thing. The D. palawanicus is about 2 cm bigger than the largest known specimen.

The year is stamped in the elytra. Left D.palawanicus, right D. binodolosus.
Under: together with the huge Subarudo/Takara/Tommy Arts D. hercules. which had to be collected by buying a whole set. (each beetle had some parts of the large D.Hercules (scale 1:1 for a champion sized male).

Usually I do not alter models, but these screamed for a little detail paint ;)!

New for 2016 / Takara Beetles
« on: April 13, 2016, 07:01:36 AM »
This set wil be released by Takara this year. Website gives a release date; 16-05-2016
The two dorcus species look interesting to me. Rest is the same as previous years :(  Though the Dynastes hercules seems to have a pretty colour this time.

The line up:

New for 2016 / F-Toys - Insect Hunter set 2016
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:35:33 PM »
The F-Toys Insect hunter set for 2016. Much the same like the 2014 and 2015 set though. two xylotrupes dichotomus (brown and black), a dorcus hopei binodulosus. New ones a Dynastes neptunus and Chalcosoma chiron. These last two I will get  ;)

New for 2016 / Frogs Ikimon/Kitan?
« on: April 05, 2016, 06:09:04 PM »
Came across this on a twitteraccount of someone that twitters a lot about Kitan Club figurines.

Anybody knows these?

Other/Miscellaneous / Beetles of the world (DeAgostini)
« on: February 28, 2016, 03:32:00 PM »
A little walk-around of the complete Deagostini Beetle sets. The Japanese (70 models) and European (66 models) version of the series differ a bit. Also far most of the species are eighter Lucanidae or Scarabaeidae.
These models where casted from real (many large) specimens and are truly superb!! So they are scale 1:1. Great deal of detail and a more than excellent paintjob! Some have even furry parts (Dynastes satanas, Megasoma Mars and Megasoma elephas). These are the best beetle models I have ever encountered.

The Lucanidae:

Oops, forgot this one

The Scarabaeidae and  Cetoniidae:

These where only in the Japanese series. The 4 females where not for sale and had to be optained by collecting the series by a subscribtion.

The European series had these 3 that where not included in the Japanese series. The dragonfly was in both series, bit strange though amongst al beetles (same can be said about the Phyllium giganteum model).

If anyone wants a close up on a special species, let me know!

Other/Miscellaneous / Dynastes Neptunus (Sega)
« on: February 26, 2016, 10:07:54 AM »
Walk-around Dynastes neptunus (Mushi King DX series) which was released in Japan around 2006.

The Sega Mushi King DX series include: Dynastes hercules (yellow/grey/dark brown type), Dynastes neptunus, Chalcosoma atlas, Megasoma gyas, Megasoma acteon, Megasoma mars, Hexarthrius mandibularis, Dorcus palawanicus, Dorcus alcides, allomyrina dichotoma (only one with wings in this series), Prosopocoilus giraffa and Mesotopus tarandus.

Dynastes Neptunus. 

The model is very detailed and realistic. This model is approximatly 11,8 cm long, not including the legs. Scale being 1:1 considering a large male. The tarsus being a bit of scale and bulky. This may be because this series was sold more or less being action toys.

The legs, thorax and head are movable. Paintjob is great I gave this model a little repaint on the horn, head, abdomen and leg hair. The model needs a little assemblage (legs, that are numbered).

Dorsal view, the elytra having very much detail.

The underside. There is the Sega copyright, made in china and the distinctive 4 dots that al the DX and smaller sizes of the series have. Also I added the original figure. Hairs beneath the body not painted. And hairs on horn and head more yellow.

Front view.

I will post more walk-arounds on the SEGA DX stag and rhinoceros beetles soon!

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