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Customised figures / Seal trans-species
« on: June 13, 2018, 12:28:58 PM »
Some days ago I bought the Schleich's harbour seal (Phoca vitulina). Well, not sure if it's a harbour seal. Schleich sells it just as "seal". Here in the Schleich section of the forum is depicted as that, but in the Animal toy wiki is depicted as a Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) (then it would be obviously a female...  and even then, the head shape looks a bit short). Anyway, I bought it just because I wanted to change it into a Ribbon seal (Histriophoca fasciata), that is my favourite seal species. So here it's the result!

New Members / New member from Spain
« on: May 13, 2018, 10:07:09 PM »
Hello, I'm Isidro! Since my most eager childhood I'm passionate about animals and plants, biodiversity at its most freak levels. However, during most of my life (and now I have 33), I paid little attention to animal toys. I enjoyed zoos, natural history museums, botanical gardens and trips to wild places, but I usually skipped the gift shops of these places.

However, slowly an affiction for animal figurines started. My first one (not counting unrealistic toys that I have as a child, such as a mini-hippo, mini bison and a velociraptor that was given with corn flakes), was a leopard shark of Safari LTD that I bought at Birch Aquarium, California, in my first (and at the moment only) trip to America, in 2016. I really bought it not much because I want a figurine, but because I was absolutely grateful by my aquarium visit and I wanted to give them a tip in form of buying a thing.

After that, I passed a long time with only this animal. But I have a friend that have a Schleich gemsbok, and I loved how accurate it was. After that, in last Christmas holidays when I was buying gifts for my family, I saw the Schleich offering and I bought a giant pangolin and the same gemsbok. I wanted also the bowmouth guitarfish that I've seen in an earlier visit, but somebody caught it already :( Once at home, I caught a cutter and sharpened the horns of the oryx, repainting them after, for make it more realistic.

These three animals were my collection. Then, that same friend show me a photo of more figurines that he had in other part of his house. It have normal stuff, a tyrannosaur, mouflon, horse, moose and.... a chiru! (Tibetan antelope). I die for obscure species and fell in love this figurine. I think that seeing this chiru was the thing that started my current hobby for figurines, hence is the reason for have been registered in this forum!

After that, I discovered casually that in the very small selection of the nearest kiosk to my parents house, there is a leopard seal!!!! Tough a bit large compared with the animals that I already have, I just needed this accurate model of a dreamed species. When buying it,  I realized that behind this figurine there is an African wild ass!!! So I bought both, and absolutely in love for the level of accurateness (the ass even have the veins in the face and belly!), I discovered that they're from CollectA, that leaded me to visit the CollectA website and find a looot of incredible fantastic dreamed obscure species, most very well made. And the chiru is from this brand too!

After that, I visited again the same shop where I bought the pangolin and gemsbok. Only Schleich here, so none of the dreamed species of CollectA can be found. I looked carefully for some animal to buy, but didn't found any obscure interesting species. Schleich level of accurateness is good, but the species are too much known. I doubted a bit with a sloth bear, but finally, as the claws were too short and thick, I've choosed a jaguar and a cheetah (that once in my home I customized painting a bit more accurately on cheetah's face, tail and the right side of the belly/flank where it lacked spots, and in the jaguar's face, breast, ears (from behind) and some spots of the back).

So that's my collection for now, just 7 animals from 3 brands, all very accurate (that's an absolute requisite for me) and in a more or less similar scale (I would said more or less 1:20 to 1:30). So now, I want to add more figurines, that must be very accurate, in similar scale, and better if from obscure species that I like. I suppose that an online buying in CollectA shop is the best chance for get more figurines of the desired species... Or there are cheaper ways?

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