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Books, film, and other media / I'm making t-shirts.
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:35:25 PM »
I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in animal art, but since I was concerned it might be better considered as advertising I decided to place it here.

For a while I've been haphazardly tossing up spare designs I had lying around on TeePublic, haven't sold all that many but it's been a fun experience regardless. I have a backlog of designs from the past year (or three) that I've finally recovered after a hard-drive crash last year and I've started steadily uploading them.

I've also been working on a few designs lately and have sort of gotten back into the swing so to speak, so I thought I would post the link to store around and ask people what animals they'd be interested in seeing (no obligation to purchase).

Animal toy lines / Pica pica Games upcoming plans and input welcome
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:36:59 PM »

This is going to sound foolishly ambitious I know, but keep in mind several of these are almost complete, and assuming this comes to fruition it would probably be next winter before a release (perhaps sooner if I can find someone to partner up with for casting, but I don't want to solicit anyone before I've finished).

I'm hoping to "launch", three separate lines with six new figures added to each every year. There is no set scale yet, and it's unlikely I will stick to any single scale, but feedback on this is appreciated.

The first has been underway for some time; "Bio-plastic" is an invertebrate line following a different group for each batch. This first batch is one of my favorite groups, true crabs. Some of these have been done before, some not, but I hope to make even the previously done species stand out.

All of these are already started in some capacity. Most of them use texture stamps taken directly from specimens or incorporate high resolution 3D scans of specimens that I've received permission to use, so I can assure the absolute best accuracy possible!

Alaskan king Crab: Paralithodes camtschaticus
Yellow-Clawed Fiddler Crab: Uca perplexa
Horned Ghost Crab: Ocypode ceratopthalma
Common Elbow Crab: Rhinolambrus pelagicus
Hime-énkougani: Carcinoplax surugensis
Dark Finger Coral Crab: Atergatus subdentatus

The second line; "Forgotten" is going to be focused on underrepresented extinct animals. I tried to balance the species choices between ones that I myself want to do, and ones that I've seen requested in the past. A few of these have armatures made, but I'm still open to feedback on species choices. This first batch is the rather non-catchy "non-reptile extinct marine animals".

Xiphactinus audax
Hibbertopterus scouleri
Bananogmius ellisensis
Lyrarapax trilobus
Cheirolepis trailli
Boedaspis ensifer

Now for the fun part, the third line; "Collectors Choice" will be entirely decided by vote, every year, for as long as it goes on! It will feature one bird, reptile, invertebrate, fish, mammal, and an extinct animal from a given region.

Suggest a geographical region below, and I'll count them up after a week or two and then people may vote on species. Keep in mind I probably won't be getting to these until after finishing the other two lines.

Nothing to show yet, what progress there currently is looks like a bunch of disassembled crabs (and a bit of it actually is...) and some generic fish shaped outlines, so really nothing worth posting. I was going to wait until finishing a few of the crabs before posting this outline, but I decided I might want to take a break from them and work on some extinct fish in the meantime and I'd appreciate feedback on those before I progress.

As it stands I can't give any information regarding potential costs or material availability, but, and this is absolutely not a promise, there are companies nearby that do die-cast parts, so I will at least look into that if there is any interest.

Animal groups / Birds
« on: December 11, 2016, 12:38:05 AM »
I saw we didn't have a bird thread to post this in, so I figured I'd throw one together.

The Schleich, Safari, and Kaiyodo are all easily recognizable, but there's an articulated(?) Yujin set I've never seen before, and some photos of the rare Takara Breezy Singers Budgerigar (I have a rather crude bootleg of it that was distributed "as seen on tv" a few years back, but the original is a genuinely impressive piece even with the detail lost to moving parts).

Animal toys (general) / Hansa Plushes
« on: October 15, 2016, 04:54:51 PM »
I'm rather intrigued by many of their birds (namely that bustard) but their website doesn't display prices and doesn't let you learn the cost until registering an account which requires a business tax ID. The retail search on their site says the nearest one is in Quebec City which is simply to far.

I'm curious if anyone knows of a site where I can research the costs of these, although I expect them to be prohibitively expensive regardless.

Books, film, and other media / Bird Call ID
« on: February 29, 2016, 01:06:51 AM »
An unconventional ID request to say the least. I have this par of bird calls, one is a duck call by Lohman (the enclosed advertising papers date it at 1957) and the other a crow call I don't really know much about besides it sounds like a crow.

The Lohman duck call seems relatively complete but the package is very damaged and the instructions are bent slightly, both papers seem faded but that might be the kind of paper. I'm curious if anyone can tell me a bit about the history of the company or of potential value, not that I'm planning on selling either of them at the moment.

The crow call is labelled:
SINCE 1893
but honestly is not that convincing as a call (at least not compared to the duck call). I've never really gotten any use out of it because I can do a better call with my throat and the call is used breathing in so it doesn't save me any breathe to use it.

Animal toy lines / Fur Real Friends
« on: January 12, 2016, 06:02:45 PM »
Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm sure many of were disappointed (or perhaps relieved, as it allowed us to focus on better figures) that Hasbro dropped the ball so badly on the Jurassic World line, but that isn't the first animal toy line that was once good they ruined with cost cutting and gimmicks. Fur Real Friends as it stands today is a branding I wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole, but during my childhood they were producing some of the best 1:1 scale animals, namely birds (which is sort of my area). Needless to say they were must haves at the time. I'm not very sure about the lines early days but around the point I started buying them they began to make lots of resculpts of pre-existing figures, using new external parts and sounds and reusing the same animatronics. Most of these were still pretty good, and even though it would have been nicer to get nice original mechanics, those retools were the last of the good. When they did start making new animatronics regularly the quality dropped immensely, now I can't talk about the play value, but in appearance the quality dropped. Then they brought back a lot of the mechanics I knew for a dinosaur themed line (it was called Kota & Pals IIRC), they weren't very good but I picked up a fair number of them second hand anyway. I still occasionally wander into the horror that is the girls toy aisle to check on them, but alas I think Fur Real Friends of quality are gone for good.

I'll post the ones I have soon, need to gather them all up.

Classifieds / Site selling Safari Smithsonian Insects
« on: December 13, 2015, 04:34:23 AM »

I stumbled across this site by chance looking for photos of the luna moth. I confess I wasn't planning on posting the link until I'd purchased the luna moth and blue morpho but I changed my mind, didn't feel very sportsmanlike.

Not all of them are listed and most are out of stock.

Classifieds / Stars non toy barter thread
« on: October 19, 2015, 07:06:06 PM »
New pictures of many items incoming, a few more second hand items that won't cost much (a Definitely Dinosaurs Kentrosaurus for sure, but I think others), and I'm going to be putting up a lot of Jurassic Park items. I'm not trying to sell any of those off however, I'm putting them up because there are some where if someone is interested in paying top dollar I would gladly accept, and I want to put out there what I have that I would be willing to part with as I know a few of them are quite sought-after.

I have a number of items up for trade/barter, or sale if you would like, along with a list of figures/lines I'm most interested in.
All prices are negotiable, all prices are in USD, and I make bulk deals.

I'm mainly interested in;

Furuta insects Cicada life cycle
Furuta insects grasshopper and mantis
Furuta insects dragonfly life cycle

JP/// compsognathus

CollectA Zebra Shark
CollectA Beishanlong
CollectA Tyrannosaurus corpse
CollectA extinct marine life toob/set
CollectA bearded dragon
CollectA box fish
CollectA Sciurumimus

Papo tarantula
Papo scorpion
Papo leatherback sea turtle
Papo vulture
Papo snapping turtle
Papo red eyed tree frog
Papo Therizinosaurus
Papo Compsognathus

Safari Smithsonian Luna Moth
Safari Smithsonian Blue Morpho

Safari ltd. wild safari ammonite
Safari ltd. Microraptor
Safari ltd. feathered Velociraptor
Safari ltd. Anzu
Safari ltd. Amargasaurus
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures boa constrictor
Safari ltd. leafy sea dragon (not the weedy)
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures collared lizard
Safari ltd. alligator (2017 release)
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures koi
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures corn snake
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures frog fish
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures spiny lobster
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures Maine lobster
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures red eared slider
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures eastern screech owl
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures flying squirrel
Safari ltd. Macrauchenia
Safari ltd. Rhamphoryncuhs
Safari ltd. red-eyed tree frog
Safari ltd. Luna moth life cycle

Schleich Oviraptor
Schleich Psittacosaurus

Australia Science and Nature giant weta
Australia Science and Nature small kookaburra
Australia Science and Nature large frilled lizard
Australia Science and Nature thorny devil

Walking With Dinosaurs Leaellynasaura
Walking with Dinosaurs Opthalmosaurus

Takara/Yujin crabs and shrimps set (especially mantis shrimp)
Tenori Inko collection birds
RECUR Sea Turtle
Playmobil Blue Footed Booby

Colorata Fossil Fish box
Colorata Reef Fish box
Colorata Birds of Prey box
Colorata River Fish box
Colorata Coconut Crab
Colorata large Quetzalcoatlus
Colorata Dsungaripterus

Favorite Kinto soft model Archelon
Most of the Favorite Kinto large vinyl penguins (sans African Penguin)

AAA cast sea turtles
AAA cast monitor lizards (specifically the smallest and largest ones)
AAA mantis shrimp
most AAA specimen cast figures
Available I have;

Please ask and I can get you more pictures if desired.

Gameboy Advance and colour games $2 each

Lindberg Velociraptor, complete and un-built.
- $3

Great white shark anatomy model and booklet. It's assembled but can easily be taken apart. The clear pectoral fin is missing one of its pegs so it doesn't hold very well, but could easily be glued if desired.
- $15

The frog is slightly damaged but all pieces hold together when assembled.
- $10

All pieces are present but no booklet, organs in picture are not actually assembled just placed inside the clear body.
- $10

Tyrannosaurus is complete and undamaged.
- $15

Wierd N'wild Creatures box set, I have no idea if it's complete or not but what's here is in good condition. Little crosswords and the like are entirely underwhelming, but the main cards are interesting. Extinct animals vary highly in quality but the modern animals all seem to be very well done. I'm willing to split the set up if desired, you can check the wiki for any specific cards you might want:'_Wild_Creatures_Wiki . I can also ship with or without the box, as it's incredibly over sized and would rack up shipping a lot.
- $5 for the complete set
- $0.25 for one large and one small card (if possible I will give you both card sizes for that animal, if not you can have a mismatched pair)

JP/// lunchbox, hinge is damaged but it can be opened and closed like a regular box.
Lost World soundtrack case is in decent but far from mint condition. CD works but has not been used recently.
- $1 for the lunchbox
- $4 for the CD

JP dilophosaurus mask, a lot of general wear and tear but overall decent condition.

Prehistoric Park books, the one on the left is mint and the one on the right is largely mint but is missing its poster and some pages are indented from tracing.
- left one $8 right one $3

Walking With prehistoric Beasts, the jacket is damaged but the hard cover and inside pages are completely mint.
- $25

The Field Guide to Dinosaurs, in mint condition but missing the card figures. Very young reading but the art is amazing.
- $8

Dinotopia James Journey, nearly mint aside from a bit of roughing along the covers edges.
- $10

Spot 50 Dinosaurs, a nice little book but too young for my tastes.
- $3

Mythbusters Science Fair Book #2, AFAIK it wasn't sold as a set with #1. It's near mint.
- $4

Angry Birds National Geographic, near mint condition but again a bit young reading.
- $8

Garfield #14, decent condition.
- $3

Pokémon Annual 2010, as near as I can tell it's mint. Very large and hardcover, anime oriented not games.
- $3

Animal toy lines / Sun Wai
« on: October 18, 2015, 01:51:33 AM »
I don't know much about this company, except that they make some nice marine life! I only own a stingray and an oranda but I've seen crabs, lobsters, other stingrays, trigger fish, and salmon.

Books, film, and other media / Sparkle 2 Evo
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:25:12 PM »
I wasn't sure if there would be any interest here, but I wrote a review for this on another site and I figured I might as well post it here since I imagine abyssal animals must gather some interest.

Now I have no idea whether a Sparkle (1) exists or not, but if so I couldn't find it on Steam and I'm lazy like that. There is however a Sparkle 3 which was released fairly recently, and it seems to follow much the same style with a new OST and different animals and multiple environments (something this game lacks). I bought this game a few years ago, binged it for about a week, and then forgot it existed until today. It's basically Feeding Frenzy meets Star Trek chess. The game has essentially no lore beyond that you play as a fictional Copepod like animal that eats other abyssal animals most (if not all) of which are real animals.

This game has no Kanji support so for anyone who was still curious how to romanize my name there it is.

When you launch the game the settings open in a pop-up which has detail and resolution and such, so the in-game menu only has a toggle for competitive mode and sound options. Speaking of sound this game has a really good OST, very calming. Even the effects for the animals fighting are very synthesized and fit in well with the music.

The HUD Menu's look really nice but all the sparkly bits that look like watery lighting make for bad screenshots.

I deleted my old save so here I'm on level three, which only toke about ten minutes to reach but with later levels it can take hours to complete each one as they simply become so large and more of the goals become actual enemies as opposed to hapless jellyfish.

The numbers count down, so x/70 means there are x jellyfish remaining.

The basic game play principle is that you can alter the development path of your Copepod by eating different kinds of food. Green planktonic algae makes it an herbivore, strange floating red blood-cells (or perhaps some creature I don't recognize?) makes it a carnivore, and blue jellyfish make it an omnivore. You might as well discard the titles herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore because they make absolutely no sense (especially omnivore eating jellyfish) and just say green, red, and blue. Green Copepods have slow movement speed and deal low damage but their bite can spam in rapid fire, red Copepods have faster movement speed for dodging enemies and have higher attack but they take a few seconds between bites, and blue Copepods are a balanced combination. But that's not to say each herbivore will be alike, and that's where this games real ingenuity shines. You don't have to eat just one hapless being, you can mix and match as desired to tailor fit your Copepod to your play style (or to which design you think looks coolest, because all three have a different look).

Mine is a carnivore because I goofed on the last level and ate too many blood-cells instead of jellyfish.

Remember when I mentioned Star trek chess? You know the thing where it's on multiple planes, well that's how this plays. You can use scroll wheel to travel up and down between planes, with more hapless jellyfish to devour on each one.

I completely admit to being omnivore only because I prefer it's design.

Most of the levels look pretty well the same, with the same rocks and corals. The animals change, and eventually you encounter things like glass squid and fish, but for now the species I can encounter are all pretty generic. Actually to be fair while the designs are all really appealing, they all look fairly similar with the transparent glowing abyssal thing going on. But hey, repetitive doesn't always mean bad, especially in this case.

New for 2015 / Birds 2015--advance pol info
« on: October 12, 2015, 03:25:24 PM »
50167 Snowy owl.
50165 Falcon.
50185 Sea Eagle.
50168 Vulture.
South African Penguin
Takara Tomy
Scarlet Macaw
Golden Eagle
Steller's Sea Eagle
Bald Eagle
Harpy Eagle
14744 Ostrich
14737 Scarlet Macaw
14738 Eurasian Eagle Owl
42247 Ostrich nest
Rock Dove
Rock Dove Red Variant

I don't think this is everything, but a lot of the catalog images from the "new for 2015" threads have broken.

Other toys and collectibles / Museum/Zoo Booklets and Guides
« on: September 25, 2015, 04:00:20 PM »
I wouldn't exactly say I collect them, I've kept a handful over the years, chief among them this one from the Biodome of Quebec:

Animal toys (general) / "Life Size" Figures
« on: September 25, 2015, 02:15:38 PM »
Quotations because with some species there can be reasonable variation in size and/or difficulty in determining what age a figure represents.

Collections / Stars Museum
« on: August 12, 2015, 02:34:48 AM »
So those who know me already know that I'm rather lazy and tend to give up on projects quickly a slightly odd person. I've been meaning to get around to properly cataloging my collection(s) for a long time, and to finally force myself to do this I'm making an RP professionally written story, because I'm really desperate for dumb boredom killing ideas to keep my focus on something.

Don't expect amazing photos, I'll do the best I can with this old camera and some poster board but really I can't get great photos (especially of small items).

Info on makers is given in square brackets [].

The smaller tools of the trade: a 31cm (only 30 cm's are marked) ruler, pair of basic tweezers for manipulating small animals for best view, a metal hook (with blunted edges) to manipulate dangerous or difficult animals, and a small perch to help the animals feel more relaxed for their pictures. And the larger tools include: wooden training poles, clear moving crates [Playmobil], and a full size perch [Playmobil].

My beautiful assistants include Tsukihi Araragi (阿良々木 月火, Araragi Tsukihi) [Figma, Good Smile Company], and Soren our resident Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae) [Incredible Creatures, Safari Ltd.]. Tsukihi is here to help lift things and make our stuff look good. And Soren is our "greeter", he is the only Gouldian Finch in our gallery and came to us via donation during the course of an estate sale.

Majority of the collections are live galleries, but lets start with what people expect from a museum: skeletons! well really just skulls for now. All of these are replica fossils, majority of the modern skulls come from zoos or even from our own galleries when an animal passes.

First the fossil replicas. All of these are mass produced replicas for teaching aids, our live galleries take funding priority.

Apatosaurus louisae ("deceptive reptile") [Silver Dolphin Books] skull and partial neck replica.

Stegosaurus armatus ("roof lizard" or "covered lizard") [Silver Dolphin Books] skull and partial neck replica.

Smilodon fatalis [Scholastic Corporation] Skull replica.

Tyrannosaurus rex ("tyrant lizard") [Silver Dolphin Books] skull and partial neck replica.

Tyrannosaurus rex ("tyrant lizard") [Scholastic Corporation] skull replica.

Velociraptor osmolskae ("swift seizer") [Silver Dolphin Books] skull and partial neck replica

And now for (mostly) the real deal, its time for the modern animal skulls.

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) [Scholastic Corporation, custom painted-yes the damage was intentional] skull. This one comes from a donation, the animal passed away at a rescue center.

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) [Scholastic Corporation] skull. Another donation, this time from a private citizen cleaning out their own collections or perhaps a trophy room.

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) [Scholastic Corporation] skull. This is one of ours, this huge dragon came to us already elderly and lived for a few years before passing naturally.

Black Piranha AKA Redeye Piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) [Scholastic Corporation] skull replica. This is the only one in this series that is a replica, highly enlarged to show details.

Long-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) [Scholastic Corporation] skull. This one was purchased from an aquarium after an animals passing of natural causes.

White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) [AAA] jaws. These were graciously donated to us by a fishermen who claims to have pried them from the still living jaws of a Megalodon. Given that he didn't want to touch them much less keep them, we go with the assumption he found them washed up.

Next time: Soren becomes a history buff and we bring out the full body skeletons.

Other/Misc. / Perching Cockatiel (Tenori Inko Collection)
« on: February 21, 2015, 10:19:15 PM »

This is one of two cockatiel models I know of from the Tenori Inko line, the other is standing and I'm uncertain if one might be a re-sculpt of the other or not. I picked up the birds I have from this series in bulk lots on YAJ but they do appear on eBay occasionally. It comes in two pieces with the tail and wing tips being separate from the main body, assembly is highly minimal and the tail part is inserted and then it stays snugly in place. The tail piece and the main body are made of a hard but tough plastic, not unlike Wild Safari, whereas the feet are made of a harder more brittle plastic, sharp feeling to the touch. As such the birds main body is very durable but the feet are rather easily damaged, if dropped they sometimes snap off at the body or simply come "un-inserted" from the body (fortunately repairs are simple and effective with just a dab of glue). I think the feet were done in a different material to accompany the feature of standing on the rim of glasses. They total 11cm in length and 5 cm in height (including the crest and tail). These are two of the three colour morphs of cockatiel available in this particular pose.

The cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as the quarrion and the weiro, is a member of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. As a caged bird, cockatiels are second in popularity only to the budgerigar.
The cockatiel is the only member of the genus Nymphicus. It was previously considered a crested parrot or small cockatoo; however, more recent molecular studies have assigned it to its own subfamily, Nymphicinae. It is, therefore, now classified as the smallest of the Cacatuidae (cockatoo family). Cockatiels are native to Australia, and favour the Australian wetlands, scrublands, and bush lands.
At 12cm length measured along the spine (including tail) the figure is in 1:2.5 - 1:3 scale. The grey one resembles a more common domestic morph (note the lack of bars on the tails underside), and the lighter one is (don't quote me on this) a good match for a partial albino strain. Everything on these birds is superb, from the colouring to the proportions to the detail work are all excellent. If there's any negative points the paint app isn't perfect (at this size its a scarely notable amount of diversion), and I suppose they are rather smooth which from a distance appears to lack texture detail, but they have all the detail needed where it counts if you ask me.

I forgot to take pics of them balancing on a glass, I'll have to get those up soon ;)

Animal toy lines / Tenori Inko Collection
« on: February 20, 2015, 02:15:17 AM »
The Tenori Inko collection is a series of bird (mainly parrot) themed toys. I picked up a lot of birds from it on YAJ and did some digging on the line, but I'm still very curious about them!

I have most of of the colour variants from this set:

and these are the only other sets I know of:

it seems there are also some mugs that go with them:

I'm absolutely in love with these little birds, and I figured even if there wasn't anyone with more information on them that at least someone else here would like to see/know of them. ;D

Yujin / (Juvenile) Red eared Slider
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:32:48 AM »

I was lucky enough to pick up this adorable little guy from a trade over on the JPToy forums, and its been amongst my most prized ever since. Its the only one I have from the Yujin turtles but I hope to get more someday. Its made of what I would call soft plastic, soft enough to have a bit of give to it, but not so soft that its stretchable or could ever be called rubber. A similar but slightly less soft material than the Colorata pieces I know (which admittedly is limited to their dromaeosaurs, so I don't know how helpful the comparison is). The turtles shell comes off revealing the text "1, YUJIN, CHINA" printed on the inside, but to take it apart requires a little bit of bending, don't fear though the soft material can take it without stressing the figure. The length totals 5cm long (from tail to beak tip), and almost 4cm across at its widest point (foot to foot). The paint application is very finely detailed for its size, and its almost "wavy splattering" effect definitely gives it a very natural look, but does still seem to show some discrepancies. Namely the painted on nostrils are slightly uneven, and one of the front feet appears to only have four claws. It has a very slight gloss to it.

Now that's my personal history with the piece along with its basics aside its time to talk about accuracy (everyone's favorite part I know ;) ). As a species I'm not especially familiar with (they are present here as invasive, but admittedly I'm not particularly familiar with them), I will refer you to Wikipedia for the basics on the species
The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), also known as red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider. It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world, as, among other factors, it is easy to maintain. It has, therefore, become the most commonly traded turtle in the world. It is native to the southern United States and northern Mexico, but has become established in other places because of pet releases and has become an invasive species in many areas, where it outcompetes native species. The red-eared slider is included in the List of the world’s 100 most invasive species published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
[I included some reference images for red eared sliders, one young and one adult.]
The newly hatched turtles take about 21 days after hatching before they can swim, and at 3cm carapace diameter this could very well be of that age. Its unclear whether it represents a very young individual at 1:1 scale or a somewhat older individual just before colour change. As such the scale could be anywhere from 1:1 to approximately 1:3 (at which size is when most individuals colour starts changing, but its not the same for every turtle). Aside from the aforementioned issue with one of the claws on the front right foot being missing (which I'm willing to chock up to paint app variation, especially given the left foot is correct), this figure is highly accurate and to my eyes appears to have no distinctive flaws in terms of accuracy.

Now for what everyone really came here for, the pictures!

Animal toy lines / Playmobil animals
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:37:43 AM »
For discussion of animal related pieces and sets from Playmobil.

As for myself I don't have any pics to show for it right now, but I have a rather large stash of them. Someday I hope to get them out again and photograph them.

Animal art and photography / Stars art thread
« on: February 01, 2015, 10:59:23 PM »
I figured I'd make this separate from my figurine thread.

Here's some modern animals. Most of these were just to pass the time but a few were made to use as achievement icons on a site I admin at. In order: Indian myna, birdeating spider, albino raven, coelacanth, eastern painted turtle, fancy guppy (male), and rainbow fish.

These are the first in a series of reconstructions I hope to make into a children's guidebook. I've got three different spinosaurus reconstructions in mind for comparisons sake; forearm walking, knuckle walking, and tripod. So far I've only finished forearm walking. Each is going to look very different aesthetically as well, for now meet the lovechild of a peacock and a rainbow trout ;D
(The inner toe is not visible in some poses since its covered by the other toes.)

Here's some I did for Jurassic World. Just to pass the time nothing big planned for any of these :P

These aren't animals, but I figured I'd drop this Higurashi poster I made for a school project last week here too.

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