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While nowhere near complete, this site is run through a different forum that can at least help track down what some of the older ones might be. Then the trick is determining if they are valuable (in money terms!) or not.

Thank you! Yes, this is an amazing resource!

Thanks for the replies! A values database would be amazing, though it would fluctuate with time and by country so it would be a big undertaking. There are amazing resources for lego which track the sales on several websites and give you current values of each set in a few different countries and whether the value is rising or falling. I donít imagine anything like that would be possible with animal figures but it is an amazing resource.

Maybe just a star rating system that indicates rarity rather than value? That would already be super helpful... unless there already is something like that and I havenít stumbled upon it yet?

Hi, Iím new here and in need of a bit of advice. Iíve kind of stumbled into collecting animals (mostly Schleich) for my kids and have now become a little obsessed...  To be completely honest, Iím not really sure who the collection is for anymore ;) I havenít counted them recently but, including animals, horses, people, dinosaurs etc we would have between 500 to 1000 models. And I still feel like there are gaping holes in the collection haha, so you get a feel for my level of obsession :o The animals are all available for play (my kids are 1 and 3) and, apart from teaching them to be gentle and value their toys, I hold myself back from being too precious about the collection. The animals are kept in toy Ďbasketsí and the kids are free to play with them whenever they like. I have a small shadow box low on the wall in which I occasionally set up a display but they are able and encouraged to interact with it (code for empty and dump on the floor... did I mention that one of them is 1😂)

If youíre baring with me, Iím getting ready for my question I promise! I just think a little background info is important. My collecting MO is searching for bulk lots which contain animals that we in Ďneedí of and selling on the doubles to recoup the investment. Iíve actually managed, over the last year or so, to be in profit with the collection. So, the fact that the animals have essentially cost me nothing but my time helps a lot with staying nonchalant in viewing them simply as toys, though I understand that they are actually worth a small fortune.

With this all in mind, my question is; Apart from a fairly generic value that I onsell our doubles for, I really have no good idea of the individual worth of each animal. Is there a good resource to find out if there are some animals in our collection that I should maybe take out of circulation in order to keep them safe? For example, I recently found an elephant and polar bears that I thought were fakes so I advertised them as potential fakes and tried to sell them off cheap. Nobody bought them and then I thought I should double check and subsequently found out that they are super early models. I donít have any idea if this means that they are valuable though... I would have happily got rid of them because they show the mold joins which I generally see as a sign of poor quality. But I thought maybe I should keep them just incase...

Any advice on resources to work out which models I should treat with a little more decorum would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance:)

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