Konik Foal, Blue Dun (Horse Country by CollectA)

Review and images by Suspsy; edited by bmathison1972

The Konik is a breed of pony (Equus ferus caballus) native to Poland. It is a solid and sturdy beast with a low set neck, a relatively short height of slightly over 13 hands (140 cm), and a weight of 350-400 kg (770-880 lbs). During World War I, they served an important role as transport animals for both German and Russian troops, but nowadays they live peacefully on nature reserves.

The global popularity of the horse with children and adults cannot be understated and with around 400 known breeds, toy companies are spoiled for choice. CollectA is one of the most prolific producers of horse figures and included in their 2021 assortment is this Konik foal. A colt, to be precise. He is sculpted in a trotting pose with the tips of his right front and hind hooves just touching the ground. His head is held high and turning slightly to the right, his ears are perked, and his tail is raised. This makes him 8 cm long and 7.5 cm tall.

The main colour on our Konik would be described as blue dun by horse experts, but a better way to describe it would be mouse grey, with darker shades to accent the musculature. Very dark grey is applied to the muzzle, the mane, the hooves, and the tail tip. His little eyes are glossy black. There is also a dark grey dorsal stripe running down the back and along the tail. This may not seem very noteworthy at first, but it turns out that dorsal stripes are a telltale indication of primitive breeds.

Like any foal, this colt has proportionally long legs combined with a very short mane and tail. His hide is covered in faint grooves to simulate smooth, short fur and his muscles are nicely defined. And with his shiny eyes, perked ears, and very slightly upturned mouth, there’s definitely an endearing quality to our little Konik. One can easily envision him prancing about merrily in a grassy field with his fellows.

I’ve never been all that interested in horses (although I do enjoy reading up on how they evolved), but this is certainly a charming little toy that ought to please anyone who is. Thanks go out to CollectA for this review sample, which is currently available at online stores such as Minizoo. And lest you be worried about this little guy being lonesome, CollectA will also be releasing a Konik mare in July.

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