Domestic Sheep, ram (AAA)

Now to something a little more domestic in our “Winter Wonderland” series. The domestic sheep (Ovis aries) has an impressive fur coat, which would help with coping with high or cold climbs across the globe. Giving us wool and meat, sheep are a mainstay of the farmland, so there is a lot of figures of the various breeds. Here is one by AAA.

Identifying breeds can be tricky, especially with the number of breeds that exist in the world. If I were to hazard a guess, he horns and body shape resemble a Dorset sheep, a breed native to the south coast of Britain, making this a ram and male rather than a female. The sculpting of the face seems a little odd, but the rest of the body works well.

This is a reasonably sized figure, measuring 4.6″ long and 3.2″ high, making it a heavy piece of plastic, so take care not to let it be thrown at another sibling. The pose is very neutral, just standing still, looking outwards. It’s ok.

This is a nice figure, though not exactly stand out amongst the many released since this figure was discontinued. If you like it (and i do find charm to it), eBay is your best shot. If not, skip it.

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