Dalmatian, pair (Noah’s Pals by Caboodle! Toys LLC)

Often referred to as man’s best friend, dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) have been a major part of human life for thousands of years, helping us hunt, track, and keep us company, not to mention modern adaptations, such as helping the afflicted live better lives. No wonder Noah’s Pals made two sets of these animals (though I’d rather have had more wild species, but there you go). Here, we look at the set of dalmatians, a famous, high energy dog known for it’s spotty pelt.

We start with Drew, the male of the set. He is alert, moving off, seeing what’s about. Or maybe he has a bad paw. The detailing is quite nice, getting some fur detailing in, though the face is less detailed. The paws are also so small, it can be tricky to get him to stand. At least the pads are detailed, and quite nicely. This figure measures 1.8″ long and 1.4″ high, so small to fit the 1:24 scale. Not bad, but could be better.

Next is the more relaxed Destiny, sitting down and having a bit of a pant after a good bound about. Again, the body detail is good, but could be better in the head, though the pads are nicely done once again. As she is sitting, she is much easier to keep on her paws. She measures 1.5″ high and 1.1″ from tail to front paw.


Once again, this is a cute set, but not the best detailed. I like the difference in poses, being well varied. Their small size means they won’t fit with most lines, and there are better examples of the breed. If it works for you, go for it, as it is one of the easier sets to find on eBay. Go for it if you like them, or if you get this scale.

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