Cheetah, standing (AAA)

When it comes to land speed records, no living animal surpasses the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). This sleek predator can max out between 50 and 80 mph, allowing it to keep up with prey, although in small bursts. It is one of the largest of the Felinae group, not being a big cat as it can’t roar, only purr. This beautiful cat is endangered from humans, as it will lose out to more powerful predators. It has been made into toy form many times, and here is an example by AAA.

Here we see a suitably slender example, gently pacing, moving about it’s territory. AAA released several models, and this is a large example, measuring 7.1″ long and 3″ high, meaning it won’t fit into many other lines.

The texture of the fur is really good, matching the real animal quite well. The pelt matches a wild cheetah, as opposed to the striped king cheetah, having it’s spots placed well, although lacking some of the rings on the tail that you may expect. Not bad, but a slight misstep.

This is a nice figure, with some great quality paint and good sculpting. Those looking for a decent cheetah will be pleased, although the age of it means it will be outclassed by more modern models. It made me happy as a kid, and I’m sure that it would make kids today happy. Best to hunt eBay, as this is discontinued.

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  • Pretty nice figure, especially for the era in which it was made. It doesn’t have the typical issues that turn me away from AAA mammals.

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