Tortoise, adult (AAA)

If you want to think of a land animal that is the epitome of longevity, it would be the tortoise. Notable member of this family can live for two hundred years, and can have incredible variations in terms of size. While not quite as frequently made in toy form as their aquatic relatives, there are some out there, and this review will look at AAA’s efforts.

As usual with AAA, we start with species identification. What doesn’t help is there are two tortoises that look nearly identical that was produced, one part of a family (and not easily identified) and the other a keeled box turtle (Cuora mouhitii). This figure represents the adult from the family set, which in the toy animal community is frequently referred to as a Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii).

This isn’t the best example of the species, as the shell is slightly too rounded compared to the real animal, but the rest is fine. This is a sizeable figure, measuring 2.8″ high and 5.5″ from head to tail, making it only half or so the size of the real animal. It seems to be looking around, maybe watching for danger.

This is quite a nice model, rather nicely detailed, if off in areas. This is probably better for older kids and collectors though, as it is quite a heavy model, and could become a heavy projectile in the hands of younger kids. As it is long discontinued, eBay is your best bet to find this little cutie.

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