Tyrol Grey Cattle (Farm Time by CollectA)

As I mentioned when I reviewed the 2020 Papo Highland cattle, I really like cattle breeds. When it comes to the Eurasian stock (Bos taurus taurus), I started with the 2019 Hereford from CollectA, followed by the aforementioned 2020 Papo Highland Cattle, and now the 2020 Tyrol Grey cattle by CollectA. I don’t see myself going back and making up for lost time, but I will probably continue invest in new breeds as they are released, that is if the figures are good representations of them.

The Tyrol Grey is an Alpine breed of cattle from the Tyrol region of northern Italy and southern Austria. This is a dual purpose breed, meaning it is bred for both milk and beef.

The figure 12.0 cm long and 7.0 cm high at the shoulder. The detail is fantastic, from the etched hairs on the body to the folds of skin under the neck and chest to the veins in the udder (an…udderly…fantastic job on behalf of the sculptor!). The animal looks healthy, but the hip and shoulder bones are evident under the hide. A nice touch not to make the hide appear uniform across the body. Flip her over and, as indicated earlier by the mention of its udder, it is a cow. I wonder if, like the Hereford, CollectA follows this figure up with a bull?

The paint job appears accurate for this breed, a delicate grey with darker highlights on the snout, legs, tail, and horn tips. The inner part of the ears and udder are painted with a delicate pink. The nose and hooves are also dark grey.

The figure sports a bell around its neck. Some people don’t like signs of ‘domestication’ on their figures (even though this is a purely domestic breed), but I like it. It helps give it that classic Alpine dairy cattle look!

If you are a general collector, collector of cattle breeds, or farm animals, this figure is a must! It comes highly recommended and because it is a new release, it should be readily available (at least at the time of this writing). Like with my previous cattle review, if anyone is personally familiar with this breed, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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