Ducks, pair (Bullyland)

If you were to go past a large body of water, be it a canal, lake, or pond, you would likely see a form of duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus). Common in various forms and breeds across the globe, they are often a food source for meat and eggs, although can also provide a useful solution to chemical free pest control. Various companies have produced models of these magnificent waterfowl, with this review being the example by Bullyland, of a pair of ducks.

There are a variety of breeds of duck. Given the all over white colouration, I would say this is an American Pekin, owing to it also being an incredibly common breed for food, though it could be any number of white duck breeds, most of which are the domesticated form of the mallard (A. platyrhynchos).

This is quite the adorable pair, looking like they are being affectionate towards each other. Maybe about to mate. Or two males fighting, whichever way you prefer to see it. The feathers are pretty well detailed; I quite like the sculpt in general. It’s appropriately small, measuring 2.9″ from tail to tail, and 1.9″ from base to head. They are on a grassy base which, though pretty simplistic, looks good enough.

This is a really sweet pair, and I really like it. Although the feet and beaks are a little simplistic, the main body is really nice, and the pose is quite cute. This is quite an old figure now, and may be harder to track down, but I say it’s worth it. It will work well in any collection.

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  • Thank you for this submission! I have contemplated getting a domestic duck, to complement my ‘wild type’ mallard. Haven’t thought too much about it though.

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