Manatee (Sealife by CollectA)

With a name like Sirenia, you would think I would have gotten to this point sooner, and before anyone else, but I got here at last, a review of a sirenian. These docile aquatic animals are related to Afrotherians, making this another group of mammals that became fully aquatic and large, alongside the whales. Here, we take a look at a rendition of the manatee by CollectA.

First, the specific species. Based on the colouration and skin tone, I think this is the West Indian or North American manatee (Trichechus manatus), the largest member of the group. And this is certainly a sizable model; it measures 5.7″ long and 3″ high, with an accurately blubbery body, as seen in manatees.

The pose is an appropriately mellow one, as if lazily floating through the water, maybe looking for some sea grass to nibble. The detailing on this model is truly fantastic, getting every little detail you would expect on a manatee. The three nails on each flipper are there, and represented brilliantly. It also has a cloaca. That is all I intend to say on the matter.

This is a phenomenal representation of this large sirenian, and I highly recommend getting it. This was made back in 2011, so is fairly easy to hunt, especially online. Most retailers will still have it, and I recommend getting it. It is a fantastic model of a spectacular mammal.

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  • Wonderful! Mine is the more recent Papo model, but had that not been released, this would have been the one I went for.

    You mention the cloaca; remember this figure was released alongside a baby to go along with it.

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