Green Sea Turtle, young (AAA)

Review and images by Sirenia; edited by bmathison1972

There are not many creatures that have such an uphill struggle at the start of life than sea turtles. From getting out of their egg and nest, to the mad dash to the sea, all the time being potentially picked off by predators of land and sky. When they reach the sea, it will take years to be big enough to be safe, having to evade water predators. Their resilience is something to behold, likely why they have been immortalised in plastic by several companies. Here is an example by AAA.

First, identification. This figure best resembles the infant form of a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), owing to the shape and scutes of its shell. This actually captures the paedomorphic characteristics of this species quite well, likely transitioning from infancy to adulthood, as the arms are smaller than a true infant and the head still too short for an adult.

I will say that, while the underside matches the actual animal, the all over greyish green does not quite ring true for the species, which has more colours. Perhaps that is still to come with maturity. It is also not far off the size of a genuine hatchling, at 4.6″ from head to back legs and the same from arm to arm. The pose is simple, as if resting on a beach as it struggles to the sea. Nice.

I am of two minds with this model. It is very nicely sculpted and is accurate, but the colours and size make it hard to say it is a worthy collector’s piece. A child will no doubt love it as I did though, so think the bathtub beckons. eBay is your best bet for this little tyke, and it is worth a consideration at the very least.

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