Komodo Dragon (Wild Rush 04 by Kaiyodo)

Review and images by Lanthanotus; edited by bmathison1972

Here comes #6 of Komodo dragon reviews on the blog, and thanks to the other five I do not need to introduce you to the animal I guess, so straight onward to the figure.

This small Komodo dragon figure was released by Kaiyodo in the forth set of their Wild Rush series. It is part of the five-piece set representing Asia, released in 2019. The figure measures roughly 10.5 cm along the body and is assembled from two pieces, the tail and the whole rest of the body. This leaves the figure with a 1:30 or 1:35 scale. Unlike the majority of Kaiyodo figures, this one is not made of brittle, resin like plastic, but a quite flexible and durable plastic. In fact I would say this one could really serve as a toy. And a neat one at that…

As we are accustomed with Kaiyodo, the figure is nothing but great in overall sculpt and detailing. The proportions are spot on, the rump is full and stocky, the tail strong, the legs rightly muscular, and the head has just the right shape with a pale yellow tongue sticking out. The toes have the right length, especially those with varying length in the hind foot. The only downside here is, that the claws in the front feet are very blunt, while those on the hind legs are as pointy and sharp as they should be (and could for that size and material). Also, there is a slight difference in the depth of texture in the tail and the body. Nevertheless I would call this one the most accurate and best representation of Varanus komodoensis in this size range or scale.

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