Dolphin (AAA)

Review and images by Sirenia; edited by bmathison1972

Cetaceans are an amazing example of the adaptability of the mammals. From giant filter feeders to smaller predators, they have a great variety of forms. This includes ones that mimic much older species, convergently evolving similar features to deal with the same environment. This review looks at a great example of this: the dolphin, which has similar adaptations to the extinct ichthyosaurs. This example is by AAA.

The first thing to discern is its species, as this model just says “Dolphin”. Based on its shorter beak and patterns on it, I would say this is a common dolphin, specifically the short-beaked variety (Delphinus delphis). While most common dolphins have longer bills and greater colouration than seen here, they do have a great variety of these features around the world, so this may be a specific variant.

The overall sculpt is quite well done, with phenomenal definition of the face and body, really making this a quite decent piece, for its time. It is also pretty big, measuring 8.9″ long, 2.5″ high and 3.5″ from fin to fin. This is as big as the orca they produced, which makes more sense to be big. The pose is stoic, just showing the shape and not doing much with it.

This is an interesting piece, well sculpted and large, but not exactly dynamic. While a collector may appreciate it, I feel this is more for the bathtub or play mat than a collector’s display, but that is just me. It certainly survived my childhood, so would be loved by yours, too. They are most regularly found on eBay, and I do feel it is worth considering, even if just for a nostalgic play.

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