Frilled Lizard (Capsule Q Museum: Reptiles Lounge by Kaiyodo)

Images by postsaurischian; additional text by bmathison1972

The frilled lizard is a popular and familiar again that lives in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. It is famous for being able to run bipedal, but mainly for its neck frill, which makes it so distinctive, the species is immediately recognizable in even the cheapest of figures (luckily the one we are looking at today is one of the nicer representatives of this species in toy forum). This neck frill was probably the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s interpretation of Dilophosaurus in the film adaption of Jurassic Park.

This is the second Blog review of a figure from the Reptiles Lounge collection by Kaiyodo, following the Galapagos land iguana courtesy of Lanthanotus.

Measured along the spine the figure is 9 cm long. The 1:10 human scale figure stands 18 cm tall.

The complete set (from left to right): Conolophus subcristatus (Galapagos land iguana), Varanus komodoensis (Komodo dragon), Chlamydosaurus kingii (frilled lizard), Moloch horridus (thorny devil), and Amblyrhynchus cristatus (marine iguana).

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  • Splendid figure of an impressive species. Just a shame they missed to add the two “fangs” in the upper jaw, as it is one of the few lizards where you can actually see teeth sticking out the gums when the mouth is agape.

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