Jackson’s Chameleon (African Animals by PNSO)

Walkaround of the Jackson’s chameleon, Trioceros jacksonii (Boulenger, 1869), by PNSO African Animals (2018). This has always been one of my favorite reptiles, and always surprised they were not more commonly made in toy/figure form due to the armature of the males. When I decided to build a synoptic collection, I was happy PNSO released one, and at a decent size for my tastes! PNSO like to anthropomorphize their figures with silly names. If you must know, this figure is ‘Kesia the Jackson’s Chameleon’ (which is odd, as Kesia sounds feminine but this is clearly a male figure!).

The figure is about 6.0 cm snout to vent, making it 1:3.4-1.4.2 for a male. The total length of the figure is about 9.0 cm (keeping in mind the tail is coiled). The hands on the left side are open as if in an ambulatory pose.

This is my first PNSO figure (I got 3 more with it…) and so far I am VERY impressed with their animals!

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  • Always adored this animal ever since I saw it in that same NG special that I described in my review of the CollectA Komodo dragon. Two males were using their horns to duel over a female. Fantastic cinematography and scoring.

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