Flamingo (AAA)

Review and images by Sirenia; edited by bmathison1972

Across the globe, there are many amazing bird species. One of the few groups of vertebrates to develop powered flight, they now fill the skies with song and colour. Some are more colourful than others, with this review’s subject being a great example, the flamingo, a bird seen in America, Africa, Asia and Europe. This is an older example, courtesy of AAA.

First, we must discern the species. Based on the whiter colouration of this model, I believe it to be an example of the lesser flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor), the most abundant species of flamingo. The large amount of white on the model, with light pinks and a fair bit of red, certainly match this species very well, with the overall morphology working well. The beak could be a little more curved than it is; in the real animal it is more hooked than this. Maybe it is a youngster.

The pose is incredibly dynamic, with fully outstretched wings in full flight. This is a rare pose for a flamingo figure, with most going for a standing pose, so it is nice to see a little variety here. It is a pretty big model, with a wingspan of 7.2″ and a height of 1.5″, making it quite large compared to most flamingo models.

This is an older figure, but I do feel it has enough going for it to make it worthwhile. The pose is great, the accuracy on point (for the most part), and it has a great colour scheme. This figure has long since been retired, so eBay will be the best place to find this model, and I think it is well worth the hunt.

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  • Nice contribution! I would love to see more ‘vintage’ figures! I guess we are at a point where AAA is vintage 🙂

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