Red Panda (AAA)

Review and images by Sirenia; edited by bmathison1972

Fame can lead to some animals being overlooked, or associated merely by their appearance. It is undeniable that the giant panda has a major cultural and global significance, which results in the red panda (Ailurus fulgens) being looked over, despite that their faces are similar, both eat bamboo and both are Chinese. But while the giant panda is a bear, the red panda is a musteloid, related to raccoons and skunks. This is reflected in its arboreal lifestyle and nimble movement, more than its giant counterpart. It is not as well represented in toy form as the giant panda, in spite of it being adorable. AAA made steps to change that.

This is a surprisingly heavy figure, in spite of it being only 1.9 inches (4.8 cm) high and 5.7 inches (14.4 cm) long (approximately 1:7 in scale, on average); being made of solid plastic will do that. The fur sculpt is great, maybe not the best, but very serviceable. The pose is fairly docile, but ramps up the adorable factor in my opinion.

The paint scheme here is correct, although with some areas, such as the rings on the tail, are not as well highlighted as they could be, and the scant orange not being used well enough. I feel the tail is a little on the long and thick side for me, but not too far off of what it should be.

This figure is a little cutie, and worth every penny. It is available in a few shops, largely zoos, which is where I picked this up at (Bristol, specifically). Red pandas are not very common on the market, so if you see it, get it. It is worth it.

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