Red-streaked Box Crab (Dango Mushi 06 by Bandai)

Calappa lophos, commonly known as the red-streaked box crab or the common box crab, is a species of box crab (Calappidae) endemic to the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean, including Andaman Sea and the waters around Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. For years, this species has been widely ignored by most manufacturers, with only three examples by Kaiyodo in 2003 (Kurosio Komekko), 2013 (Capsule Q Museum), and 2018 (Aquatales). In 2019 Ikimon released one for the Seaside Creatures Volume 2 collection in the Nature Techni Colour line, and now in 2020 we get this one by Bandai for the sixth release of the Dango Mushi line (there are plans to release it again in the 8th release). Like other Dango Mushi figures, it comes as its own ‘gashapon capsule’, wrapped in cellophane and containing its paper within the figure (this one came with an extra plastic shell to protect the legs). The articulated legs unravel to reveal a fully exposed creature! The pincers are pose-able, as are the maxillipeds. The carapace of the figure measures 7.0 cm in width, making it within the 1:1 scale (normal carapace width 7-10 cm).

Autobox(crabs), transform:

The large Dango Mushi figure overlooking its smaller kin; from left to right: Kaiyodo (2003), Ikimon, Kaiyodo (2013), Kaiyodo (2018)

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  • Short, but sweet review, pictures really say a lot. Can’t help but imagine it use claws like castanets for some reason! Great review!

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