Right Whale (Wild Safari Sealife by Safari Ltd.)

Walk-around of the Safari Wild Safari Sealife 2017 Right Whale, Eubalaena sp.; item No. 2042-29. Total length is approx. 233 mm so the scale is between approx. 1:47 and 1:80 for an animal of 11-18.5 m total length. Human figure (man in suit by Preiser, last image) is approx. 1:72 scale. There are three extant species within the genus Eubalaena (E. australis, E. glacialis, and E. japonica) which are separated genetically and geographically but are practically indistinguishable from each other morphologically. So Safari Ltd apparently refrained from attributing this to a particular species and released it as “Genus Eubalaena” instead. The figure is big and massive – 448 g, approx. 1.5 times the mass of the leaner WS Sealife bowhead Whale (which is included in one photo for size comparison) and probably the heaviest WS Sealife figure ever. It is also highly accurate and has a nice matt paint job, not as glossy as the bowhead Whale. My new favourite Eubalaena figure! 🙂

Comparison with the Safari Ltd. WS Sealife bowhead whale (top)

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  • I have this figure too. I have it databased as the southern right whale, E. australis. Safari is not always very adventurous with species, so if they do not specify a species, it is probably either 1) the type species or 2) the most widely distributed or common/familiar. One could argue it is one of the two ‘northern’ species, since they occur in the waters around North America (and Safari is a US-based company), but I am going with the type-species theory :).

  • Nice to see a new whale review!

  • This is the best Right Whale figure out there, in my opinion.

    • Thanks, CetaceanFan. The Colorata figure is very nice, too, but it’s only about half as large.

      • I do agree brontodocus the Colorata one is also pretty nice, but the size of the figure is my only gripe.

        • Wow! Everything in this Colorata Right Whale is really awesome! It’s a pity it’s so smaller than this, since all my other cetaceans are about in the scale of Safari’s Right Whale, and it would not show well aside them. Luckily also Safari’s is a nice figurine, but damn… Colorata is another level!

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