Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula (Bullyland)

Uninspired for what my next post would be, I decided to use a random number generator on the Arachnids sheet of my Excel collection database and landed on the Brazilian whiteknee tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata) produced by Bullyland in 2017. As Bullyland continued to fade over recent years, they continued to make really good arachnid figures, including a few that are ‘unique’ in toy/figure form. Among those is the figure we are looking at today!

The Brazilian whiteknee tarantula is a large theraphosid endemic to the rainforests in the Amazon Basin of northern Brazil. Due to their large size and hardiness, they are common in the pet trade (author’s note: it is by coincidence my last three posts, including this one, represent animals commonly kept as pets!).

The figure has a body length of 5.0 cm, making it roughly 1:2 for an average-sized specimen (maximum body length is about 9.0 cm). The legspan of the figure is 9.0 cm wide by 8.0 cm long (for those of you who are curious how much space it takes up).

Not a whole lot to say about this figure, as it is sprawled and flat and not at all dynamic. The anatomy, texture, and color are pretty good. The mouthparts are consistent with that of a mygalomorph, but the eye count and arrangement is not correct (a morphologic feature that very rarely correct in spider figures).

This figure is a good representative of a unique species. It is probably best suited for collectors of unusual species, or for those whose taxonomic interests encompass spiders. If you like spider figures, check out Bullyland’s offerings! They are ‘standard-sized’, so space may be a consideration for some. I bought mine from an online shop in Germany when they were released; I am not sure about their availability nowadays.

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