Fischer’s Lovebird (Chocoegg Pet Series 2 by Furuta)

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate with a lovebird! Today we will be looking at Fischer’s lovebird (Agapornis fischeri) that was produced by Furuta for the second series of the Chocoegg Pet line. Fischer’s lovebird is endemic to the east-central African countries of Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. They are popular in the pet trade, hence its inclusion in Furuta’s pet series. They are called ‘lovebirds’ because male/female pairs have a strong bond and mate for life.

Furuta produced multiple color variations of this figure, representing various domestic breeds, but I chose this color for my collection as it best exemplifies the wild-type color form, characterized by the green wings and orange neck. The rump on my figure is white, whereas in true wild specimens it would usually be blue, and ideally the cap of the head should be olive-green fading into yellow-orange. The small strip of white on the edge of the wings in seen in some specimens (honestly though, I am not sure if that is a wild or domestic attribute).

Because of the pose, the figure is slightly easier to calculate a scale on than many bird figures. The length from the base of the beak to the tip of the tail is about 6.5 cm, making the figure about 1:2.15 in scale.

Like most of the early Chocoegg figures, assembly is required. Mine came pre-assembled from the seller but it looks as if there are four pieces: head, left and right side of the bodies, and tail. The pieces fit snugly but the contact lines are clearly visible.

This is a charming little figure for anyone that wants to add it to their African or pet/farm shelves! They can be found regularly on eBay at relatively reasonable prices.

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