Kinkajou, pair (Noah’s Pals by Caboodle! Toys LLC)

Noah’s Pals was a line of toy animals that featured male and female pairs of select species. The line was produced by Caboodle! Toys LLC starting in 2006 but was taken over by Schleich a couple years before production ceased. The line was divided into four subsets: Endangered Pals, Vulnerable Pals, Common Pals, and Exclusive Pals. There are some interesting species in the line. Each set of figures came with an information card that included a unique ID code. You could enter these codes at the Noah’s Pal’s website and it would document which figures you had. Once you collected every figure and entered all the codes, you were mailed a dodo pair! The figures are all marketed as being in the 1:24 scale, which means the figures we are looking at today, a pair of kinkajous, are quite small!

The kinkajou (Potos flavus) is a Neotropical cousin of the raccoon. They are native to the rainforests of Central and South America. Kinkajous are arboreal; they are omnivores but feed primarily on fruit, an uncommon feature of a member of the order Carnivora! Their tails are prehensile, much like several of the New World monkeys they shares the rainforests with! They are not considered endangered (hence they are in the ‘Common Pals’ set), but they are hunted for their fur, meat, and the pet trade.

As previously mentioned, there are two figures of each species. Noah’s Pals gives names to the figures, and the male kinkajou is Kolby and the female is Katy (not that it matters for my collection as I do not name my figures). These figures are small. At the time of purchase, I did not realize all Noah’s Pals were scaled the same. The upright figure is 2.5 cm tall and the other figure is 3.0 cm long. That puts the figures fairly close to the advertised range of 1:24.

The figures are a solid piece of plastic, well textured, and painted with a matte finish. They actually have remarkable detail given their small size!

The Noah’s Pals kinajous alongside the Kaiyodo Capsule Q Museum raccoon.

These figures come highly recommended for collectors of interesting taxa. It is very refreshing to get a procyonid figure that is NOT a raccoon! Plus they are made in a popular scale! I bought mine on eBay and there were a few more available from different sellers. So if you want one, it is not an impossible feat.

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