Yanbaru Long-armed Scarab (Yanbaru Creatures by Colorata)

Today I decided to go back to my entomological roots, and with nearly 2,000 insect and arachnid figures, I decided to use a random number generator to decide for me. And so here we have the Yanbaru long-armed scarab, Cheirotonus jambar, that was released in 2017 by Colorata for the Yanbaru Creatures box set.

Cheirotonus jambar is considered the rarest of the roughly 10 species of Cheirotonus. Members of this genus occur in Southeast Asia, from the western side of the Himalayas to Japan. This particular species is endemic to North Okinawa, most-notably in the Yanbaru National Park. The beetles are associated with treeholes and are known for their extreme sexual dimorphism, with males having greatly elongated foretibiae (as seen in this figure).

This figure has a body length (not including the legs) of 4.0 cm, making it slightly under 1:1 for a male (normal size range 4.5 – 6.2 cm). The total length of the figure including arms is 8.0 cm and the base it is on is 6.0 cm long.

The figure is a single piece of PVC. Like many Colorata figures, it attaches to an elaborate base by a clear peg that can be cut to the desired length of the collector. In this case, the base is a dead tree branch colonized by moss and maybe lichens.

This is the third figure (at least) to be made of this species. Kaiyodo made two, for the National Monuments of Japan and Study Room collections. In addition, 4D Master and DeAgostini made figures of the related C. jansoni. If you want this species in your collection, you cannot go wrong with any of the three available. All are roughly the same size and all have bases, but all are removable from those bases. Unfortunately, none of them are probably easy to find, and if so, they are probably not cheap these days.

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