Green Anaconda (Wildlife by CollectA)

Review and photographs by Suspsy; edited by bmathison1972

The green anaconda (also known as the common anaconda, Eunectes murinus) is the world’s heaviest snake, and second only to the reticulated python in length. Females, which grow far larger than males, can be at least 17 feet (5.2 metres) long and weigh 215 lbs (97.5 kg). Excellent swimmers, green anacondas are found in swamps, marshes, and rivers throughout much of South America. Their huge size enables them to prey upon a wide variety of fish, birds, mammals, and other reptiles, which they kill via constriction.

The CollectA green anaconda was released in 2014. Unlike many other snake figures that are sculpted in slithering poses, this one is coiled up with its head raised high in the air and its mouth wide open. Right in the midst of lunging at its next victim, perhaps a coatimundi or a capybara or maybe even an adult tapir. This dynamic pose makes the toy about 8.5 cm long, 7.5 cm wide, and 7 cm high.

The anaconda is correctly coloured muddy green with dull yellow on its underside, black and light orange spots, black eyes, and a light pink mouth. These distinctive colours serve as ideal camouflage for a freshwater environment as well as distinguish the snake from its smaller relative, the yellow anaconda.

As far as detailing goes, this anaconda scores pretty nicely. Its entire body is covered in scales, with larger ones on the head and the very largest on the underside. The scales on the dorsal side of the body are probably sculpted too large, but I reckon that can be forgiven. And speaking of too large, the head looks to be oversized in comparison to the rest of the anaconda, but I’m willing to forgive that too, as I think it helps give this animal more of a personality. It also nicely showcases the inside of the mouth, including the small teeth lining the jaws.

Overall, the CollectA anaconda is an impressive and rather dynamic toy. Definitely my favourite representation of this awesome jungle beast!

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