Arctic Wolf (Wild Safari North American Wildlife by Safari Ltd.)

Review and photos by Saarlooswolfhound; edited by bmathison1972

Editor’s note: It gives me great pleasure to present the first Blog submission by my STS forum friend, Saarlooswolfhound!!! Let’s hope this is the first of many to come 🙂

The Safari Ltd. “White Wolf”, Catalogue #220029, was originally released in 2007 and is still being produced today. It is included as part of the Wild Safari North American Wildlife Collection.

The Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) is a variety of common gray wolf endemic to the extreme northern regions of the globe. Commonly referred to as a subspecies of gray wolf, this determination is now considered inaccurate as leading wolf biologists and conservationists believe nearly all “subspecies” of the wolf are mere varieties of the gray wolf adapted to new environments (especially given their genetic similarities and ability to interbreed if given opportunity) [e.g. Arctic, Red, Mexican gray, Eastern gray, Canadian gray wolves, etc. European and Asian varieties are still under consideration due to lack of genetic testing and understanding]. Arctic wolves live in perhaps the most extreme environment of their wolf relatives, the high arctic tundra. They are born darkly colored, and as they grow their fur becomes mottled and slowly turns into the range of pale gray and white we are familiar with. Often living in smaller family packs due to these harsh conditions, they are often described as having the strongest visible familial bonds with each other.

This figure measures roughly measures in cm: 9.30 L x 4.5 W x 5.6 H (in inches: 3.66 L x 1.77 W x 2.2 H), or about the size of a deck of playing cards laid on a table on the long edge.

This particular figure is perhaps the most detailed and accurate representation of the Arctic wold by a major brand I have come across. Ever since I purchased mine it has been a favorite on my shelves. The posture cannot be overstated enough, it is not only a realistically proportioned specimen but it also has an obvious sense of motion to it which is often absent in toy form. It’s facial contours and expressive countenance gives the feel of a nearly living and breathing animal. This wolf is painted as nearly completely white; mine has a blueish gray tinge over the top of its dorsal fur, gray inside its ears, warm brown on the bottom of its feet around its toepads, and of course the classic yellow eyes and dark nose and mouth.

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  • This is also my favorite Arctic wolf. One of Safari’s masterpieces. It won’t be easy to replace that figure. As you mentioned, both sculpt and motion are perfect. Papo and Schleich released their versions after this one and Safari’s continues being the best.

  • Good first review! Now somebody needs to review an actual *grey* wolf figure.

  • Since wolves are a personal favorite of mine, I’d love to do a write up on common gray wolves in the future. 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback everyone! It’s just such a splendid model.

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