Chinese Bahaba (Series 1 by Aquameridian)

A walk-around of an Aquameridian figure, here is the Series 1 Chinese bahaba, Bahaba taipingensis (Herre, 1932). The model displays a little hunting scene where the bahaba is about to catch a tiny crab (apparently a species of Portunidae due to the long lateral spines of the carapace) by suction feeding. Total length (TL) of the bahaba figure is approx. 69 mm and standard length (SL, i.e. without caudal fin) approx. 63 mm, so the scale would be between approx. 1:5 and 1:29 for a mature individual (note that I always intend to give lengths as if the body was held straight, so this is no direct line measurement). The human figure is from the Safari Ltd People in Motion Designer TOOB and are approx. 1:23 – 1:27 scale.

One of the largest species of drums (Sciaenidae), the Chinese bahaba lives in estuaries and coastal waters of southern China (including Hong Kong and Macao) and is severely threatened by overfishing and degradation of estuaries. The species is apparently close to extinction and listed as “Critically Endangered” by IUCN.

The figure has a switch for an LED light that lights up the water stream.

Editor’s note: Aquameridian in now defunct. Series 2 was never released by Aquameridian. When sales for the first series were not as good as expected, Aquameridian canceled Series 2. Eventually, Aquameridian folded entirely (at least, their website has been down for a while). For Corporation bought the rights to several figures from both Season 1 and Season 2 and released them under the line, Another Aquarium. Unfortunately, the bahaba was not re-released by For Corporation.

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  • I like the dynamism and the stand of this figures, congrats my friend 🙂

  • Wonderful figure and great photos :)!

    It’s number two on my want-list of this series.

  • Thanks, Jetoar & Helge! 🙂 Yes, as Jetoar pointed out the figure looks very dynamic which makes it one of the best of the series (the Sailfish might still be the very best of them all, though).

    Something else: Since the clear figure stands can be removed from the LED-bearing base I was just wondering how those would look if one puts a bottlecap figure like Aquatales, Enoshima Aquarium, or similar figure on top of that illuminated base!

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