Smokybrown Cockroach (Capsule Q Museum: Sanitary Insect Pest Exhibition by Kaiyodo)

Today we are reviewing the smokybrown cockroach, Periplaneta fulginosa, by Kaiyodo for the Sanitary Insect Pest Exhibition from 2015. A year later, Kaiyodo would release a nymph of this same species in the Sticky Tack Insect set (see the third image). Like most anthropophilic species, the smokybrown is native to Asia. It is very common in Japan and has been introduced to Australia and the United States, where it occurs in the southern part of the country (I had these in my apartment complex in Atlanta). The figure is 4.5 cm (not including antennae) and is in the 1:1 scale. It comes in two pieces; the head and antennae are one and the rest of the body is the other. Toy cockroaches are rarely identifiable to the species level and rarely this realistic and detailed.

Sanitary Insect Pest Exhibition adult (1) and Sticky Tack Insect Set nymph (2)

Normally we like to discuss these figures, but today I am letting the smokybrown tell you about a day in his life, in pictures:

First thing I like to do in the morning is head to the bathroom. Nothing like starting the morning scurrying around in your bathroom sink!
If it warms outside, I may venture outdoors. In warmer climates I can live outdoors, but I am not cold-tolerant so reside indoors more commonly in temperate climates.
It’s mealtime! Celebrating my Asian origins with some vegetable biryani and saag paneer. Not sure if my ancestors came from India specifically, but I do love their food!
After you guys clean up, I like to scurry around for scraps! How clean do you think your dish sponge is when you use it? I leave behind enteric bacteria and other pathogens!
At the end of the long day, it it time to hit the sack. Normally I am a nocturnal species, but I have had a busy day enjoying your household. Think I’ll check into this motel. Have a good night, everyone. See you in the morning…Maybe…

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